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Friday, December 26, 2008


Bluebeam or USA secret space program UFO

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baker: No Cake For Little Hitler

Read todays Douche bag of the day!!

A US bakery has refused to decorate a three-year-old's birthday cake with his name - Adolf Hitler Campbell. Skip related content

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Baker: No Cake For Little Hitler

The trouble, the New Jersey shop said, was that it was "inappropriate" to put such a name on the cake.

But the little boy's father, Heath Campbell, said it was unfair of ShopRite supermarket to turn down his request.

Heath Campbell said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because "no one else in the world would have that name".

Referring to the baker's decision, he said: "They need to accept a name. A name's a name.

"The kid isn't going to grow up and do what Hitler did."

But the problem does not stop there.

The shop has also refused to make a cake for Mr Campbell's second child, who turns two next February.

Her name is JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

Heath and Deborah Campbell's third child will probably not get a cake from that shop either.

The eight-month-old baby has been named Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, apparently a reference to one of the Nazi's most monstrous leaders, SS head Heinrich Himmler.

For the time being, the matter has been settled - the Campbells had their cake made by Wal-Mart.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Top Secret US Military Space Program. Is The Future Already Here?

“And apparently, NASA must be used to convince the public
that our current technology, such as with our very old and decrepit
Space Shuttle program, is the best we have, while our military
conducts space missions with technology that we can only
fantasize about while watching Star Trek.”
- USAF Medic, 1980s

An artist's impression of X-20 Dyna-Soar being launched
on top of Titan booster allegedly operated only from 1957 to 1963.
But is that where the American military's secret space
program began, continuing to this day?
Courtesy: Earthfiles

At the outset, I would like to thank Linda Moulton Howe who has allowed me to reproduce portions of her article Secret American Military Space Program? first published in Earthfiles.

I have brought out certain crux issues that would help one to see what is really going on around us. The bottom line is, if this is what it is made out to be, then it is a conspiracy of huge proportions. And probably the US is not alone in this. Are top secret space programs being run by Russia too?

Linda had interviewed Richard Sauder, Ph.D. author of three books: Underground Bases & Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide? © 1995; Kundalini Tales © 1998; and Underwater and Underground Bases © 2001 in late 2007. I am reproducing some portions that point to the possibility of an ongoing top secret military space program that has been kept under wraps for decades!

If that’s true, then what about those secret space stations that John Lear, Zorgon and others have said are up and running since the 60s? What about Dr Richard Boylan who has given a detailed account of the secret air/space craft that are routinely being flown by top secret projects?

Considering the available evidence from multiple sources, what is the degree of truth in these reports? If it is true then all I can say is that this could be one of the biggest on-going conspiracies.

According to Linda, on November 20th, 2007, she interviewed Armstrong Aerospace draftsman, Michael Schratt, about his research into the question: Have black budget trillions supported a secret American space program that parallels the public NASA? Since then, she has received several supportive emails, including Richard Sauder.

Linda says that she talked face-to-face earlier this year with a career federal alphabet soup physicist who worked for Project Blue Book back in the 1960s. He’s not one of the publicly known Project Blue Book scientists, but he did work out of Wright-Patterson at the time. He told her that back in the 1960s already, the U. S. Air Force had two UFOs, what he called ‘UFOs’ – that they would fly right out of Wright-Patterson AFB. He said they would open the hangar doors in the middle of the night and fly them right out of the hangars at full bore speed.

Linda mentions that Richard Sauder told her that over the years, he got many indications from a variety of sources that...

the U. S. military has its own UFOs and this is just another data point from her pointing in the direction of a decades-long military program of deep deceit and thorough lies about the true involvement of U. S. military agencies in secret UFO and space technology and projects. It’s highly likely that there are multiple, secret, classified, tightly compartmentalized UFO and space programs – not just a single space program but programS, plural, and that the U. S. military and NASA have been lying through their teeth to the American people about all of this since at least the World War II era, if not before.

Extracts from the interview:

LMH : So, you would support a bottom line that there has been a very public NASA space program, which is always in various budget disputes and problems, but behind it there is another space program that is quite real and more advanced than what we are seeing publicly?

RS : Oh, sure! I assign a very high probability to that likelihood that there is a secret parallel American space program, or programs, plural, using non-conventional aerospace technologies. I’m speaking of things such as electrogravitics and anti-gravity along the lines of what Thomas Townsend Brown and John Searle did back in the 20th Century in their research going back to the 1930s and coming up to the 1960s.

Bottom line for me is that my research has shown and the research of others that there is a great deal more to the space program than NASA and the United States military have told the American people and the world. And in all likelihood, manned exploration started much earlier, has discovered much more and has more ancient roots by far than we have been told.

LMH : There have been other leaks from physicists who have said that we have already been to mars in a secret space program.

RS : I don’t disbelieve that. I think it’s entirely possible. In fact, there is good evidence that there was a follow-on secret space shuttle program run by the United States Air Force. In August 1989, The New York Times reported that the United States Air Force was disbanding a previously unknown secret cadre of 32 secret military astronauts based in Los Angeles, who were associated with a parallel multi-billion dollar space shuttle program that the USAF is running out of Vandenberg AFB in California.

This story by veteran New York Times reporter, William Broad, reported that the USAF was abandoning a major space control center in Colorado and a $3.3 billion never-used spaceport at Vandenberg AFB, according to the Air Force.

Essentially, the thrust of the story was that the USAF spent billions of dollars on a secret 32-man astronaut corps and a secret spaceport and launch control center (LCC) and never used any of it! I simply do not believe this account as put forth by the USAF. I believe, in fact, that the opposite is likely to be true and that the U. S. military does have, and has had, not one but likely multiple secret space programs using both conventional aerospace technologies and also unconventional technologies such as electro-gravitic and nuclear propulsion modes.

I believe it is highly possible that the USAF has put up its own space shuttles, perhaps using Dyno-Soar style technology, and very likely using the facilities at Vandenberg AFB that they told us back in the late 1980s that they lavished billions of dollars on and never used. Linda, I think that’s a stretch. They probably did use them.

End of interview.

Artist's impression of the X-20.
Courtesy: Wikipedia

By the end of 1962, Dyna-Soar had been given the designation X-20, the acceleration rocket (to be used in the Dyna Soar I drop-tests) and had been successfully fired. The USAF held an 'unveiling' ceremony for the X-20 in Las Vegas and yet mysteriously, the cancellation of the Dyna-Soar project was announced a year later in December 1963 right after spacecraft construction had begun and $660 million had been spent, according to public records.
But is that where the cover-up of the secret military American space program began and the diversion of trillions of dollars over the next years to finance its operations?

Continued in next post.....

reply to this post: copyright & usage

reply posted on 28-1-2008 @ 06:50 AM by mikesingh

Continued from previous post...

Now, for corroboration, according to Dr Richard Boylan, PhD., the US is currently using back engineered alien technology in various craft like the top secret Aurora, TAW-50 and so on as a matter of routine.

The Aurora is a moderate-sized spacefaring vehicle. The late National Security Council scientist Dr. Michael Wolf (4.) of NSC's unacknowledged Special Studies Group subcommittee, (formerly called MJ-12), has stated that the Aurora can operate on both conventional fuel and antigravity field propulsion systems. He further stated that the Aurora can travel to the Moon.

The Lockheed-Martin X-33A military spaceplane is a prototype of Lockheed's other spaceplane, the single-stage-to-orbit reuseable aerospace vehicle, the National SpacePlane. It is possible that what I have called the X-33A is the Aurora craft which Dr. Wolf described.

The Nautilus is another space- faring craft, a secret military spacecraft which operates by magnetic pulsing. It operates out of the unacknowledged new headquarters of the U.S. Space Command, deep under a mountain in Utah. It makes twice-a-week trips up to the secret military-intelligence space station, which has been in deep space for the past thirty years, and manned by U.S. and USSR (now CIS) military astronauts.

The TAW-50 is a mach-50 hypersonic, antigravity craft. A defense contractor with whom I have been in communication leaked to me details of this U.S. Advanced TAW-50. Developed during the early 1990s, the capabilities of this war-bird are jaw-dropping. And the technology shows that the Defense Department did not fail to utilize what it learned combing through the wreckage of various UFO crashes. The TAW-50 is capable of going into space, and does.

Dialogue between Dr. Richard Boylan and Col. Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.), former head of Project Pounce and Director-Skywatch International, Inc :

From: rich.boylan@xxxxxxxxx To: Skywatch@XXXXXXX
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 97 08:37:56 -0700 Subject: Air Force Special Academy etc.

RB: In the Star Wars City (SDI/01) organizational chart you posted, there is identified an "Air Force Special Academy" (AFSA), which takes its orders from Star Wars City in Colorado Springs, CO. I take it that this is not the regular Air Force Academy, right?

SW: No it isn't the Regular Academy.

RB: Is it AFSA which trains the military astronauts who are quietly sent up from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Ca, while the press keeps the public's attention on the Space Shuttle operating from Cape Canaveral, FL?

SW: Yes, Vandenburg and Beale AF bases are both involved.

How is it that for more than half century since NASA was created it has made no fundamental scientific or technological progress in getting off this planet? Is it because this is just a cover for the actual top secret space program where billions of dollars are being pumped into R & D by black projects? Or where have these billions gone? Making paper planes?


Part I
Part II

Webbot 2.0 predictions for 2009 be very afraid!

My name is webot 2.0
I am new and improved.

I scour not only websites but email blogs and twitter accounts for the most used terms, idioms, platitudes and pontifications.
My predictions are better than webot. They are accurate to within one to two decades, one to two hemospheres and within a margin of error of 1 to 1 trillion (damages, lives lost, property damage etc..)
Beat that Webbot 1.0!!

My predictions for 2009 are:

Earthquakes: I see several *significant earthquakes coming in 2009, some will be to the *west, some will be *devestating, one will be more powerful than the rest. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

World Wide Economy tanks: I see much economic turmoil in the world, lots of money will be lost, jobs will be lost, people will look for work.

Jobs will be lost: a lot of people will lose a job. (see above prediction for proof)

Hunger & starvation: I see much hunger & starvation all over the world, which will cause civil unrest in *many locations, *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Housing Bubble: The housing market will continue to try to sell houses: Nuff said.

Tsunami: I see several *significant Tsunamis coming in 2009, some will be to the *west, some will be *devestating, one will be more powerful than the rest. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Riots will increase: I see many riots all over the wolrd, civil unrest in *many locations, *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Tornadoes: I see several *significant Tornadoes coming in 2009, some will be to the *west, some will be *devestating, one will be more powerful than the rest. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Obamamania will rise: Many people will fall over and pass out at Obama rallies all over the US and Europe. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Obamamania will decline: Obama will be revealed as the guy who is under the 'fro and glasses in the Yo Gabba Gabba show.

Obamamania will rise again: Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews and Katie Curic will jointly decree that Obama is "better than John F. Kenedy and Abraham Lincoln Combined" and move to strike the former presidents rom the record books (January 21st, 2009) Parties ensue.

Terrorist Attacks will rise: I see many Terrorist Attacks all over the world, death and destruction in *many locations, *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Flooding: I see several *significant *massive flood event coming in 2009, some will be to the *west, some will be *devestating, one will be more powerful than the rest. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Cubs will still be losers: I see the Chicago Cubs NOT winning the World Series in November. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

Lance Armstrong will win the Tour de France - 2009: I see Lance winning and the French whining "Ca fait chier" for six months . *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.

I have made my predictions now please go secure your hot water heater and if you are one of the 5 billion unlucky enough to not be abe to aford a hot water heater than I suggest you go boil a bucket of water and then secure it so it doesn't fall on the floor causing problems. *Life will be lost, *property will be damaged, *people will die.


*significant: Meaning someone somewhere thinks it's a pretty big deal

*massive: Meaning bigger than a little bit and less than enormous.

*west: Meaning somewhere to the west of your location right now, anywhere from 1 to 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers). from your current location to the west.

*devestating: Meaning someone, somewhere will be pretty upset.

*many: Meaning relative to one, more than one equals many

*Life: if not human, then most certainly animal, and if not animal at least some insect and if not insects, some plant life at least.

*property: meaning something somewhere, anything, anywhere.

*people: Meaning probably "brownish" in color and therefore much todo about nothing.. eh?


Note: If any of my predictions do not come true by the end of 2009 , substitute 2009 for 2010 and pretend not to notice.

Rinse Lather Repeat

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Calling ALL AMERICAN UFO Blog readers!

By Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive (Twitter/FriendFeed):

"Today the Obama-Biden transition team started an unprecedented move in transparency and openness to the public in a move to get feedback from the public. The team launched "Your Seat at the Table" on, giving ordinary citizens the opportunity to discuss and give feedback on documents given to the Obama-Biden transition team by lobbying and other groups, right on the Web site in true forum-style. From the Web site:

Talking face-to-face with advocates and experts is a vital part of the Transition. But in past transitions, meetings like these took place behind closed doors and lacked the public input and transparency we're working hard to provide.

Documents from meetings with these groups are available now. Check out our new Seat at the Table feature on, dig in to materials we've provided, and let us know what you think."

On the site, you'll find documents ranging from the "Latino Leadership Report to Congress" to the "Woman Business Owner's Platform for Growth". Each document provides a place to comment about the story, or submit additional documents related to the story. Each commenter is given the opportunity to then follow each discussion in their favorite RSS reader. In essence, the Obama transition team has created a wiki surrounding these articles, giving the public full participation around the discussion table. Commenters are already getting involved on each document, and there is some very intelligent discussion organizing around each one, showing the willingness and desire of the American public to have a part in this process.

Obama is very quickly appearing to mimick the likes of FDR with his open government approach, and perhaps his youthful understanding of technology, use of a Blackberry and iPod, younger kids, and family are all contributing factors to why his future administration and current transition team seem willing to do this. We have seen similar campaigns from corporations like Pepsi, opening forums to listen to customers on FriendFeed, but never the likes of a President-elect.

In any means, the Obama administration is showing their willingness to listen and certainly adapt as they transition into the role of President. Their understanding and adaptation of technologies is unprecedented, and makes me very excited to see what's in store, and what they can legally do when Obama gives the oath into Presidency."

Soooooo.........I went there myself. And, of course, there is nothing about disclosure of classified UFO files....but there is a report called " 21st Century Right to Know" and you can all comment on, here's an excerpt of it:

At the beginning of 2007, the steering committee of put a spotlight on the importance of developing recommendations for the next administration and Congress to strengthen government transparency. OMB Watch agreed to spearhead such a project and to work with the coalition and others in fashioning recommendations.
With support from the Bauman Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, CS Fund, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Sunlight Foundation, OMB Watch garnered the needed resources to undertake this initiative, the 21st Century Right to Know Project, in a comprehensive, inclusive manner. From the start – which was a retreat at the Pocantico Conference Center in New York – we involved a diverse cast of characters. We invited individuals representing good government groups, professional associations, the journalism community, unions, philanthropy, and academia. There were people from the left and right; activists and bloggers; and technology and policy experts.
That retreat demonstrated that although we may have differing views about the role of government or strikingly different perspectives on various public policy issues, we had one thing in common: we all strongly believed in the public’s right to know.
As a result of this common ground – and a recognition that secrecy in government has grown to intolerable levels – this initiative became more than simply a project. It was really like a coalition of conservatives, libertarians, and progressives from around the country. There have been hundreds of people involved in developing these recommendations. This project is a testament to the fact that government openness is neither a left nor a right issue. It is an American issue.
Taken in total, the recommendations in this report propose a transformational role for government. It calls for reconnecting our government with all of us, “We,
the people.” It calls on government to move its methods for serving the public’s right to know into the 21st century; for adopting Web 2.0 thinking and strategies. And it calls on government to make itself more open than any past administration in order to rebuild trust and accountability in our government." (read more)

Make yourself heard. Comment ( about Disclosure of UFO files and other topics) on: